It's almost here! Darul Qirat 2017, our ninth year running alhamdulillah. This is an intensive course held throughout the summer holidays dedicated to the transmission of Ilm Qirat, the knowledge of how to recite the Noble Quran in its proper manner. A carefully thought out syllabus is taught by energetic and enthusiastic teachers over four weeks who share a wealth of experience and knowledge with all participants of the course. This course strongly promotes both practical and theory based learning, focusing largely on Qira'ah with students spending much of their time reciting from the Noble Quran on a one to one basis with their respected teacher (practical learning) as well as in depth study of Tajweed (theoretical learning) which is the science behind reading the Noble Quran properly dealing with the discussion of Arabic letters, their rules, qualities and much more.

Our Aim

  • Build sound knowledge of Arabic alphabets 
  •  Beautify recitation with correct Tajweed application
  •  Bring out a moderate tranquil (Tarteel) reading
  •  Instil a passion for the Quran- We believe the Quran should be our life long companion.
  •  Build confidence in recitation whether it be in a class, an assembly or a grand stage!

The Course

The course is four weeks long beginning from 31st July and ending on 26th August. Classes are taught six days a week, for three hours from 10am to 1pm and we are closed on Fridays.

The course is suitable for boys and girls aged between 5 - 15. There are six levels and students are put in the appropriate level depending on their ability to read and knowledge of Tajweed.

New Beginners and those that are still learning the Qawa'id or Juz Amma are in Surah Class. This class will help them progress through their Qawa'id or Juz Amma focusing on establishing a fluency in Arabic and learning the basic rules of Madd and Qalqala. In addition to this, selected Surahs, Duas and Moral Muslim Characteristics are taught and expected to be learnt.

New comers to the course who have progressed on to the Quran are assessed and put in Level 1 (Awwal) or Level 2 (Sani). Levels 3 (Salis), 4 (Rabi'), 5 (Khamis) and 6 (Sadis) are only accessible to returning participants from previous Darul Qirat provided that they have successfully passed both the Qirat and Tajweed exams.

The course fee is £35! We aim and strive to make this course accessible to everyone by keeping it as low as possible. This works out to be less than 49 pence/hr or £8.75 a week. We sincerely don't want finance issues to prevent access to the Quran and believe £35 is more than a reasonable fee.