15 Jun

Live Fundraising Appeal

Join us on the 10th of Ramadan live on Sky Channel 827 ATN Bangla. Help make the House of Allah debt free! The Masjid urgently needs to repay a debt of £160,000 in Qard Hasanah which generous worshippers and muslims from around the nation entrusted the masjid with to complete several urgent projects over the past years from renovated ablution areas, funeral service, new carpets, cracks and cosmetic wear to the historic 18th century grade II listed building and many other works of importance.

The Brick Lane Jamme Masjid has been in the service of Muslims and it's community for over forty years, founded in 1976 converted from a synagogue, it has strived to represent Islam and convey it's teachings to the generations of Muslims and non-muslims that walked through it's doors. Few of it's noble founders and worshippers that helped establish this House of Allah remain with us today, we eagerly look towards your humble contribution and support to further the maintenance and smooth operation of this Masjid.

Please tune in on 10th of Ramadan and also spread the word! InshaAllah your reward will be multiplied for informing others and encouraging others for this noble cause.


Online bookings are not available for this event.

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