Madrasah / Supplementary Education

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Brick Lane Madrasah provides a distinct Islamic Education for young Muslims, combing both traditional and modern techniques to create a genuine enthusiasm within each child to learn about Islam and embark on a life long journey with the Noble Quran.

Our aim is to build a sound knowledge of Arabic reading with confidence in accordance with the rules of Tajweed. In addition to this, our syllabus strongly emphasises on Islamic morals and character to help develop and strengthen the child’s Muslim identity, as well as understand values with respect to family unit, social life and engaging with the wider community.

Application forms for enrolment are available at the mosque
075 35625678 or 078 77456802


MON- FRI 5pm-7pm


SAT-SUN 10am-1pm


MON-FRI 5pm -8pm and SAT 11am- Zuhr (Boys only)

Suitable for children aged 5-15

Boys and Girls
All teachers are Enhanced DBS certified. Classes are taught in English.