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Funeral Service

Brick Lane Muslim Funeral Service is a unique Muslim Funeral Service in the UK. We are here to help in your time of need. We can take care of the funeral arrangements for your loved ones in local cemeteries as well as the repatriation of your deceased to overseas lands.

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Madrasah / Supplementary Education

Brick Lane Madrasah provides a distinct Islamic Education for young Muslims, combing both traditional and modern techniques to create a genuine enthusiasm within each child to learn about Islam and embark on a life long journey with the Noble Quran.

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Bangla School

Bengali is the mother tongue of a large number of people in Tower Hamlets. Bangla School is a once a week class to help support bilingual children (Bengali and English) develop proficiency in their mother tongue and learn of their ethnic heritage.

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Nikah Marital Service

Marriage is one of the greatest Sunnah of the beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam and what better place to begin this blessed union of man and woman, as husband and wife, other than the Masjid! Marriage solemnisation at the mosque

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